Lucas Mattson – Captain

What separates you from other student athletes?I have the drive to try as hard as possible in practice every day while also making sure all of my school work is done in time.
Who is your mentor and why?My mentor is my mom. She has taught me everything from driving to making eggs. I look up to her with everything that I do and I want to make her proud.
What is/are your career aspirations?I plan to go to school for nursing.
What is your greatest accomplishment or achievement?My greatest accomplishment is being in the top 25% of my class while being dedicated to multiple sports throughout the school year.
What goal(s) do you have for the 2023 season?2023 State Champions
What other sports do you play / captain?I play both football and lacrosse, and I am captain for both. For lacrosse, I take all of our face-offs.