Weight Room Remodel Project Donors

Thank you to Superintendent John Antonucci and the School Department, Coach Strachan, the Gridiron Club and all the donors and volunteers for making this project a success! Go Big Red!

DonorDonation Level
Anonymous DonerPlatinum
Bencivenga / Jacob MattsonPlatinum
Bencivenga / Lucas MattsonPlatinum
Capt. Kyle VandegiesenPlatinum
Chris Roche – Budget CardsPlatinum
David DoranPlatinum
F. Strachan FamilyPlatinum
House FamilyPlatinum
Lady HoopstersPlatinum
Mike & Ulrica StrachanPlatinum
NAHS Lacrosse BoosterPlatinum
Paradis FamilyPlatinum
Sean GaskinPlatinum
Shukla FamilyPlatinum
T&J Electric J. StrachanPlatinum
Little North Attleboro LeagueSilver
NA Junior FootballSilver
Rofino FamilySilver
Crovo FamilyBronze
Munley FamilyBronze
North Attleboro BasketballBronze
North Attleboro Rocketeer SoccerBronze
North Wrestlers Boosters AssociationBronze
Rivera FamilyBronze
Triboro PaintPaint and Supplies
Berthiaume FamilyOther
Brenton FamilyOther
Cornell FamilyOther
Costello FamilyOther
Frisoli FamilyOther
Gallagher FamilyOther
Mclaughlin FamilyOther
Murphy FamilyOther
Robitaille FamilyOther
Thomas KellyOther