Introducing our 22′ Varsity and Sub-Varsity Staff

The coaching staff has a tremendous amount of experience and are eager to start the season! Go Big Red!

  • Tony Jodice – Former Framingham State Offensive Coordinator, former Bryant University Offensive Coordinator, former Mansfield HS Offensive Coordinator, Attleboro HS Offensive Coordinator.
  • John Lane – Former BC High Assistant Offensive Coordinator; former Attleboro Assistant OC & Special Teams Coordinator.
  • Bill Kummer- NAHS graduate & HOF class 1975, former King Philip HS assistant coach, Seekonk HS assistant coach, former Attleboro HS assistant coach.
  • Frank Strachan – NAHS graduate & HOF class 1984, former assistant coach Stonehill College & Stonehill College HOF, former assistant coach Framingham State University.
  • Pat Bannon – NAHS graduate & HOF class 1992, former New Haven University football player, NAJF Coach for 10 years.
  • Stan House – RB for Central CT University, two-time Don Hansen All American, two time all ECAC.  In addition, Stan has been a Head Coach for NAJF for the last 10 years.
  • Jay Mota – Sub Varsity HC, 2-year starter AHS, was assistant coach at Attleboro for the last three seasons.
  • Sean Walsh – Former assistant coach at Miami University, former assistant coach Bentley University, former assistant coach Attleboro HS and has been an assistant coach at NAHS for the last three seasons.
  • Dan Hayes – NAHS graduate and all Hockomock league lineman 2021 and former assistant coach at Attleboro HS;
  • Chip Poirier – Former Foxboro Warrior, started coaching NAJF in 2005, HC for 2013 NAJF Regional Championship Team, Chip will also be the liaison for the HS program and NAJF. 

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